Features on this site

This website uses a number of features worth looking into.

This website includes, but is not limited to, these features:

Bootstrap, from Twitter

The website is based on on Twitter Bootstrap, a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications.

5 basic page templates

Pages on this website are created with one of the following layout template.

  • Front page
  • 1 column, full width
  • 2 column (content and aside)
  • 2 column (navigation and content)
  • 3 columns

You can create and manage the templates in the "Layout" perspective under "Page Templates".

Menus, quick links, sitemap

The website features a top menu, quick links like sitemap and the menu of other website languages. These are all Razor functions, some of which come with packages pre-installed on this website.

You can create and manage functions of various types in the Function perspective. You can install the packages from the "System" perspective under "Packages" / "Available packages".

Built with LESS

The website is built with LESS, a dynamic stylesheet language, which makes stylinge very flexible and easy, and allows for theming. 

Easy skinning

You can easily change the way this website looks with Bootstrap theming. Create or auto-generate your own themes with BootTheme theme generator or use one of the prepared sample themes.

HTML meta tags done

Most HTML meta tags are generated automatically. However, you can override individual meta tags if you like.